About Us


Appearances is a fashion and beauty website that aims at inspiring men and women to live life the stylish way and eventually establish their own unique style. The DNA of the brand is that it “sees fashion in everything”. Its functionality, content and personality are built around this philosophy.

Accordingly, our content is driven around Indian and International celebrities, fashion icons, designers, stylists and other industry experts. We bring behind-the-scenes reality of the fashion industry to you through exclusive editorial content, pictures and videos to best serve the interests of the style-conscious online community.

Simply put, Appearances is your own personal guide to making celebrity red carpet looks your own, on your own terms. We hope to equip you with all the hacks, tips, tricks and tools you need to live a more beautiful and stylish life.


The objective of Appearances is to deliver convenient yet valuable content on celebrity styling and useful information on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Additionally, we aim at becoming your ultimate solution to the hottest fashion trends. If it styles, grooms, beautifies, trends, Appearances has it!

Brand Vision & Mission:

Appearances is a tastemaker which brings the dynamic world of fashion to everyone to influence style of men and women of all varieties.