5 Affordable Products You Need To Get For A Gorgeously Glowy Makeup Look

by Asheema A Shukla

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Gone are the days when matte skin ruled the beauty industry. This season is all about celebrating dewy, radiant skin. It’s time you start envying your friends with oily skin who always seem to be glowing naturally. Who doesn’t love a healthy and glowing skin that shines naturally? You might have come across innumerable tips on the internet to achieve radiant looking skin, but how many of those worked on you? With the amount of beauty products claiming to give you the luminous, radiant skin of an angel, or you know, a Hollywood A-lister, it can be difficult to figure out what products we really need for luminous skin. To get to the bottom of the confusion, here is a guide to all the products you need to get glowing skin within minutes!


For skin prep, just a moisturizer is not enough to achieve a flawlessly radiant finish. You need a layer of an illuminating cream on your face to make your glow game stronger right from the prepping stage. Mix a drop of an illuminator in your moisturiser or apply a layer of it on your face before you begin to do your base.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator, nykaa


2.Essential Oils

These oils were an internet sensation towards the end of 2016. A drop or two of this miracle oil mixed in your foundation will give you the most flawlessly dewy skin you could ever ask for. Essential oils are perfect for dry skin that demands for some external oils to make things better.

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum, nykaa


3. Foundation with a Satin Finish

The most radiant skin has a subtle sheen so stay away from the matte foundations. If a tinted moisturizer doesn’t offer enough coverage, opt for a light-weight foundation with a dewy finish.

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation, nykaa


4.Powder with a Satin finish

The worst thing you can do to perfect glowing skin is mattify it with powders and then add a sparkly strip of highlighter on top of that. If you absolutely must take away some shine, stick pressed powder that offers a Satin Finish. Stick to your T-Zone while powdering.

NYX Professional Makeup Nofilter Finishing Powder



The final product you need in your bag to get your glow on is a highlighter. With so many highlighters and glow kits floating around, it’s probably hard to pick your favourite. Try picking out a highlighter that compliments your skin tone. Champagne or Golden Highlighters work best on Indian skin. If you’re obsessed with different highlighters, get yourself a glow kit and start mixing to create your perfect match.

Makeup Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette, nykaa




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