5 Of The Best Huda Kattan Tutorials For All Your Beauty Needs

by Jharna Pariani

5 Of The Best Huda Kattan Tutorials For All Your Beauty Needs, Appearances

At Appearances, we understand the power of beauty and how well the industry is booming in India and all over the world. However, a talk about makeup and beauty is incomplete without a noteworthy mention to the iconic Huda Kattan. If you are following her on social media, you’d know that she is one heck of an influential beauty guru — with 18 million Instagram followers, she heads a namesake makeup line and has a Huda Beauty emoji collection called Hudamoji — talk about making an impact! Aside from her many achievements, she’s been a reigning queen on YouTube with almost 2 million followers where she provides DIY beauty hacks, among gorgeous makeup tutorials, hairstyle how to’s, and fashion looks. Today we pay an ode to the Arab-American blogger with her five most notable video tutorials that you need to add to your favourites right now!

1. The 10 commandments to the perfect selfie

We think indulging in a daily self portraiture session is nothing to feel guilty about. As makeup lovers, it’s not just our face we’re showing off to the world, it’s our talent. Getting a great selfie can be gratifying, to say the least but getting it right in the first five shots is no cakewalk. With this tutorial Huda (who has 18 mil followers on Insta by the way!) breaks it down for us with her 10 commandments for getting the picture perfect selfie.

2. How to get a sleek mane with no hair fall

When it comes to switching up your look to appear polished chic, the sleek and straight look is the best way to go. Whether you’re heading to a party or dinner, sleek hair adds instant sophistication without much effort. Here, beauty maven Huda shows us how to attain pin straight locks without ending up with a ton of hair fall.

3. Get rid of breakouts with Huda’s favourite DIY acne mask

Face masks are an excellent way to maintain beautiful skin, but deciding which one to use or forking over your savings to get a facial can often stop you from investing in one. Being well-known for her home remedies and DIY beauty hacks, here, Huda offers up her very own home-made concoction for dull, acne prone skin in just 3 ingredients that are available in every kitchen.

4. Contouring 101

Mastering certain makeup techniques can wreak havoc on you and contouring has been one of them. Not only does it make you appear 5 pounds thinner, but it also gives you the appearance of a chiseled model-esque face, so why wouldn’t you want to learn the technique?! A lot of videos show how to contour but the great thing about this video is that Huda breaks it down step by step, not to mention that she has a knack for taking complex beauty trends and making them really easy to understand.

5. Concealer hacks

Don’t you hate when a zit develops during the day and you have nothing to cover it up? Blemishes, red spots, dark under-eye circles — all these things make us feel unattractive and less than confident. Concealers are the holy grail when it comes to covering these up but not a lot of us are armed with the right techniques or products with which we can camouflage and colour correct. Thankfully, we have Huda to save the day with her tutorial on how to conceal and cover up the right way.

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