5 Practical Tips for Shiny, Fuss-Free Hair All Summer

by Mansi Kohli

5 Practical Steps for Shiny, Fuss-Free Hair All Summer

Summer is a shine-killer for hair. Right from water, wind, sun and chlorine, summer sun can surely damage and weaken the hair like there is no tomorrow. Additionally, when we use straighteners, chemicals and rollers it all adds up to the damage woes.

Do you often wonder how do these hair commercial models get bouncy straight hair every single day? Do you wonder how we can avoid bleached and straw-like hair and take extra care of the well-being of our locks? Fret no more, because MFG has rounded up top five hair commandments for you. They are:

Manage the pH level of your scalp with apple cider vinegar

Anything that you do to your hair after you shampoo them is the trick in giving that shiny edge to your hair. For this method, prepare a power-packed final rinse by mixing together four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water. The minute you are done shampooing your hair, pour this mixture over the length of your hair. Let the extra mixture drip out and then dry your hair using a soft towel. This will help in managing the pH level of your scalp by giving it an extra boost of shine and luster.

5 Practical Steps for Shiny, Fuss-Free Hair All Summer

DIY hair serum to deal with frizzy, static hair

Sun and playing with different hair chemicals and tools tends to dry out the texture of your hair, making it more prone to frizz, split-end and breakage. Using a homemade leave-in DIY hair serum right after you shampoo your hair will do a fine job of adding shine and smoothening the outer cuticle of the hair shaft. For this serum, mix together two tablespoons of castor oil, an excellent emollient and humectant for hair, with two to three drops of rosemary and eucalyptus oil. For application, take two to three drop of this serum on your hands, rub it between your fingers and apply to mostly to the end of your hair to avoid greasiness at the roots.

5 Practical Steps for Shiny, Fuss-Free Hair All Summer

At-home nourishing coconut oil & honey hair mask

Come summer and the foremost priority we have is to add that life and shine back to our hair. And this method will do just that. For this, just mix together one tablespoon of unprocessed, organic coconut oil with one tablespoon of raw organic honey. Apply this mask to wet hair and allow the mask to soak in for 30-40 mins. Rinse after that with your regular shampoo and conditioner and voila you have soft, smooth and healthy hair to flaunt.

DIY hair mist

We all need that extra cooling element for our hair, especially when we step out in those scorching summer afternoon. This at-home hair mist recipe is here to do just that! Just prepare this mixture for weeks at a go, store it in your refrigerator and before your head out to brave the sun, spritz it all over your hair for a long-lasting cooling effect. For this, just mix together three tablespoon of witch hazel in half a cup of water. Add a few drops of tea tree oil, lime basil oil and rosemary oil to the mix and pour it in a handy spray bottle.

Rock salt and coconut oil scrub for your scalp to get hi-shine

We all know that one of the biggest causes of dullness is scalp build-up. In order to tackle it, we have prepared an easy DIY hair scrub at home. Mix together three tablespoon of coarse rock salt with two tablespoon of organic coconut oil. Apply it on your dry hair and leave it for 30 mins or so. Now wash it with normal shampoo and achieve ultimately cleansed hair. Hi-shine hair guaranteed!

5 Practical Steps for Shiny, Fuss-Free Hair All Summer

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