5 Tips To Save Your Skin In Winters

by Zainab Burmawala

We all dread those cold winter mornings when your skin looks dull and patchy, your hair is a bird’s nest and your lips are almost falling off. Between the cold winds and the moisture-sucking heat indoors, your skin if left looking dead, unhealthy and patchy. Adding makeup on those god-awful dry patches on the face always makes things worse. Radiant skin is one of the top beauty trends of the year. It is also that beauty trend which is extremely difficult to achieve in the harsh winter air. To help make sure the skin stays glowing and dewy even when Mother Nature ensures none of the odds are working in our favor, here’s a list of skin care tips you need to follow religiously in order to keep your skin looking alive and healthy during the winter season.

1.Get a Creamier face wash

While we generally tend to use gel based face washes throughout the year, it’s time to switch to a creamier formula during the winter months. Swapping a foaming gel based cleanser for a creamy one is often all it takes to help skin adjust to colder, drier weather.

Cetaphil Face Wash


2.Moisturize daily

It’s important to moisturize not just your face but your body too during the cold months. This is one step we often decide to skip everyday but it plays a crucial part during winters. If you’re too lazy to moisturize your skin in the night, find yourself a moisturizing makeup remover that does the job.

Lancome Moisturiser


3.Wear SPF

Just because its winter and you spend most of your time indoors does not mean you don’t have to wear any SPF. Harsh UV rays are still present all around you during the day and your skin needs protection from it. You can opt for a foundation with SPF instead of wearing sunscreen in the winter.

Neutrogena Sunscreen


4.Exfoliate your lips and wear lip balm

Keeping a lip balm handy is great for chapped lips but sometimes it might not be enough. It is essential to exfoliate your lips for smoother application of lipstick and to avoid a flaky, chapped pout. Use a clean toothbrush and gently exfoliate to remove dead skin from your lips or use a good lip scrub. Apply a hydrating lip balm afterwards to lock in the moisture in your lips.

Lush Lip Scrub


5.Invest in an eye cream

We often tend to neglect our under-eye region but it is even drier compared to the rest of the face. The skin around our eyes is thin and extremely prone to flakiness especially while concealing. It is important to splurge on a good eye cream during the winter months.

Kiehls Eye Cream




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