6 Flawless Foundation Hacks Every Girl Must Know

by Zainab Burmawala

6 flawless foundation hacks every girl must know

How many of you girls have gone through days when you’ve envied every single beauty blogger on Instagram for their flawless skin? Yep, we’ve been through that phase too. Foundation is a beauty essential used by almost every girl in the world. Whether you prefer saving some bucks and using a high street foundation or prefer spending all of your moolah on a splurge-worthy high-end formula, foundation will always be an integral part of our beauty routine. No matter what your brand is, there are some application hacks every girl should be aware of to achieve that gorgeous, flawless, Instagram worthy skin. Ladies, you won’t need no photoshop for your skin anymore cause MFG brings you 6 incredibly useful hacks to up your foundation application game.

1.Primer is a foundation’s best friend

Your foundation needs some base to stick on. Invest in a good primer that suits your skin type. It’ll make your foundation stay put all day and also make your blending easier.


2.Essential Oils for dry skin

If you have extremely dry skin and end up seeing your foundation cracking by the end of the day, mix a couple of drops of your favourite facial oil in your foundation. It’ll not only give you a stunning dewy glow but also keep your skin hydrated all day.

Foundation Hacks , Essential Oils for dry skin

3.Warm up your foundation for a natural finish

Are you someone who likes to keep things natural and minimalistic? Warm up your foundation if your aiming to get a more natural finish. Pump some product out on your hand and mix it well with your brush to warm it up slightly. This hack is great for people who don’t like too much coverage and prefer sheer to medium coverage.

Foundation Hacks

4.The Centre of Attention

Most coverage is generally required in the Centre of your face. All the attention is taken away from the fuzz on the side of your face and on your forehead. It also gives the illusion of making your face look slimmer by drawing all attention to the features in the middle by narrowing things down.

Foundation Hacks

5.Downward strokes for the finishing touch

If there’s one struggle every Indian girl has in common, it’s dealing with some fuzz on the face. Always blend your foundation in downward strokes to prevent your facial hair from sticking up awkwardly and looking more noticeable. It will also stop your foundation from filling up your pores and making them look like a dotted pattern along your face.

Foundation Hacks

6.Conceal the deal

One annoying thing people generally do is load up on foundation on areas which need concealing. Your under eyes do not need a second layer of foundation ladies! Use lesser foundation and more concealer on the pigmented areas of your face for a flawless finish.

Foundation Hacks ,Conceal


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