6 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

by Zainab Burmawala

Hair Hacks

We’ve all been through those mornings where we gear up for an epic battle against the untamed nest on our heads that could pass on as hair. Yes the struggle is real, but there’s only so much one can do. Trying different remedies to style hair quickly to adding lost lustre to it has become a girl’s favourite past-time. We all have something we’ve been trying far too long to fix with our manes — such as frizz, a tedious morning blow-dry routine, or locks that won’t hold curls. We’ve decided to stock up on our most effective tips and tricks to resolve some of your most problematic hair issues because MyFashGram really does love saving your day.

1.Starch It Up

You know you’re gonna have a terrible day when you’re already late for work and out of dry shampoo. All you gotta do to shake that stress away is run to your laundry room to pick out that spray starch. It works just like dry shampoo giving you hair as good as new.

Hair Hacks

2.Leave In Conditioner

Products really don’t come cheap. Opt for Schwarzkopf’s conditioner or if you wanna save up on some major bucks, here’s a crazy DIY recipe for leave in conditioner. All you gotta do is store your regular conditioner mixed with water (one part conditioner to three parts water) in a water spray bottle. Spritz some of this product on your hair to tackle frizz and keep things under control before you step out.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir Leave-In Conditioner

3.Hand Cream for Frizz

If you ever feel your hair has begun to frizz and you’ve forgotten to pack your hair serum, use a little hand cream to tame frizz instantly. Don’t overdo it though unless you’re aiming for the greasy look.

Dirty Works Super Rich Hand Cream

4.Beach Waves In Minutes

Looking to get beachy waves in minutes without using a curling iron? Douse your hair with salt spray, put it into two Princess Leia-like buns, and blast with a blow-dryer. Leave the buns in while you do your makeup or get ready and then take the bobby pins out before running out the door. You’ll be strutting around with gorgeous mermaid like waves all day.

Beachy Waves , Hair Hacks

5.Style Your Hair The Night Before

You won’t only end up saving on time the next morning when you’re in a hurry, but hair usually ends up looking way better one day after you’ve styled it. Whether you’re sleeping in braids, a texturizing product, or even on straightened locks, styling the night before is definitely more beneficial.

Braid , Hair Hacks

6.Say hello to lemon juice and goodbye to dandruff

One of the worst hair problems is undeniably those ugly white flakes left behind on collars and scarves: dandruff. The best DIY solution to this god-awful problem is to use a combination of lemon juice, olive oil, and water to lift the flakes and moisturise the scalp underneath.

Lemon Juice , Dandruff , Hair Hacks

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