Beauty For Zodiac Signs – Scorpio

by Shalini Mohanty

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio

Ever had styling and make up tips dished out to you, based on your zodiac? Well then, Fashioscope is our latest fun segment at Myfashgram which gets you styling tips and make-up advice according to your zodiac sign! And since right now we are celebrating Scorpio women all around the world, let’s see your makeup tips from Myfashgram!

People born under the Scorpio Sun are rarely weak willed, or of a weak health in general. Even if they’re ill, they maintain a strength of constitution and tend not to waste away.

Scorpio-born women are powerful ladies… They belong to a gritty and stealthy sign. Masters of transformation, people born under this sign can slip into many forms in a lifetime, burning their last avatar into dust, rising in their new form from the ashes of the past, like a phoenix.

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Scorpio is a strong and seductive sign, ruling over the darker and more taboo subjects all that is spooky. The child of Pluto should emphasise their strong nature, not shirk it. Hence, the make-up with the boldest eyes and brightest lips, against pale, strong features is what is recommended for the Scorpio beauty.

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio

1. Berry Beautiful

Scorpios should pick a dark red, maroon lip, which can be either glossy or a matte finish. Their best colours are the darkest black and oxblood tones, after all.

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio

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2. Smokey Eyes

Represented by the eagle as well as the scorpion, their gaze is penetrating and intense! A smoky eye is the very best look for Scorpio.

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio

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3. Pale Glow

To make the smokey eyes and deep red lips standout even more, a pale finish to the face is more than awesome. A bit of highlight, and a touch of shimmer would just add to the glaze!

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio

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Famous Scorpio Celebs

Emma Stone. Parineeti Chopra.

Beauty For Zodiac Signs ,Scorpio,Emma Stone. Parineeti Chopra.

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