Best Of 2016: When Glitter Took The Makeup World By Storm

by Zainab Burmawala

If there is one beauty trend that created some major sparks this year, it’s Glitter. The 90’s trend is definitely going strong and it was only a matter of time until the 80’s wind of ‘Disco Daze” hit the town. To everyone who believed Glitter is for kids, almost thousands of bloggers globally showcased their glitter makeup looks on social media this year. Makeup Artists backstage at fashion weeks were amping up the designer outfits even more by patting some glitter on the models to flash up the runways. I don’t think any fashion week has gone by this year without some killer Glitter makeup on the runway.

Glitter lips were definitely the most happening beauty trend of the year. The dazzling pout designed by Makeup Artist Pat McGrath that debuted at the Atelier Versace fall 2016 show was certainly one of the hottest looks that inspired artists all over the world. It was also spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week this season with models working that bold, glittery wine-red lip at the Tarun Tahliani show. Recently spotted at the Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla show, glitter lips are definitely here to stay. But a touch of sparkle can be added to any feature on your face to make things better. From a simple sparkly eyelid to a shimmery cut crease, those tiny reflective flecks can lift almost any part of your pretty face (And hair). Still think glitter is for kids? Have a look yourself as I bring you some of the best glitter looks of the year.

Glitter Lips

There were so many fabulous Glitter lip looks this year that it was extremely hard for me to pick one favorite. So here are my three favorite Sparkly pouts of the year.

1.This is the look that started the global frenzy for Glitter. Bella Hadid looks absolutely splendid at the Atelier Versace Fall show 2016. Look designed by brilliant Pat McGrath of course.

Bella Hadid , Pat McGrath ,Versace Fall show

 2.Naomi Campbell slayed the 2016 MTV VMA red carpet donning Pat McGrath’s bold jewelled lip in Vermillion Venom. Campbell’s luminous lipstick popped against her deep complexion and dark, pin-straight hair, making it the ultimate accessory. 

Naomi Campbell , Pat McGrath ,MTV VMA red carpet

3.The first Bollywood Diva to sport this trend had to be our ever so stylish, Sonam Kapoor. Doesn’t she look like an absolute dream sporting the bold glitter pout? Oh Sona, you could take over the world with that lip on!

Sonam Kapoor

Glitter Lids and Brows

1.If there is one artist who always gets the brows looking on fleek, it’s Elton. Taking the glitter lid up a notch by adding some sparkle to the brows too, this look smashed it on the runway of Amazon India Fashion Week SS17. I love how he is always so edgy with his makeup looks!

Elton J Fernandes , Amazon India Fashion Week SS17.

2.Another glittery brow that deserves a mention is Gigi Hadid’s at the Giambattista Valli Fall Winter Show 2017. Keeping the whole look fresh at bare, the little silver lining along the brow just screams perfection.

Gigi Hadid

Glitter tears

Spotted at the Burberry Fall 2016 Show, this glitter look is super chic. The haphazard dusting of large flecks of holographic glitter along the outer eye corners and cheekbones = tears of joy. Only if our tears were specks of sparkles instead of water!

Burberry Fall 2016 Show 

Glitter Roots

There was a time when girls contemplated on what way to part their hair. In 2016, girls contemplated on what colour glitter to add to their parting. Glitter roots are probably my favourite hair trend of the year. Whoever said a little bit of glitter can make everything look better were right because only glitter can be your saving grace on a bad hair day.

Glitter Roots

Glitter Cut Crease

Cut crease tutorials were all over the internet this year. But you know what makes a cut crease better? Yep, a little line of glitter. This was one of my favourite cut crease looks on the internet this year created by the gorgeous Nikkie Tutorials.

Nikkie Tutorials, Glitter Cut Crease


Image Source – Instagram 

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