Demystifying What It Means To Be An All-Natural Skincare Brand With Enn’s Closet

by Jharna Pariani

Demystifying What It Means To Be An All-Natural Skincare Brand With Enn’s Closet, Appearances

If you have sensitive skin, the sort of skin that flares up at even the hint of a fragrance or chemicals, then natural skincare products can be the difference between a good day and one spent fretting over an irritated face. Natural, eco-friendly products not only help the environment but also contain ingredients that are safe for your body and do wonders for your skin! And if you’re going to use a moisturiser or lipstick everyday, don’t you want it to be good for you? The natural and organic movement has grown exponentially in the past few years, with products that give excellent results and look pretty on your dresser becoming widely available and much more affordable. Especially now that it seems every beauty product out there has been stamped with some version of an ‘all-natural’ or ‘organic’ buzzword, Enn’s Closet is one of the brands that stands out among the rest with its sleek all-black packaging and a commitment towards no-nonsense, all good skincare. Ahead, we speak to Nandeeta Manchandaa, founder of Enn’s Closet on what it truly means to be green…

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

What inspired you to break into all-natural skin care? 

Every time I would go shopping for a shampoo or face cream and would try to read the ingredients, I could never be able to understand any of the chemicals mentioned on there. Upon researching, I discovered that it takes just about 60 seconds for those unnatural and harmful chemicals to enter into your bloodstream — so why should we poison ourselves and the environment like that? This is when I developed a passion for skin health and started my venture, Enn’s Closet, a natural beauty space that is all about honesty and transparency at all times. I strongly believe that the power of nature should be known and experienced by all. Without compromising on the quality and the effectiveness, Enn’s Closet wants to cater to the society with products that are safe and make you look beautiful naturally. I think of myself as a passionate chef who believes in using beautiful and bountiful ingredients that have amazing health benefits, unlike most commercial skincare, which in my view, is not dissimilar to eating junk food every day.

Why is your brand called ‘Enn’s Closet’?

When I was 8 years old, I went to my father and said I want a brand called ‘Enn’ because it sounded like my name’s initial. Since then I had the urge to start a brand named Enn.

It seems that everywhere we look, we see a new all-natural skincare line arriving on the market – what differentiates your brand from the rest?

It’s very simple, we don’t want natural skincare to be a hassle. We want it to be fun and easy to put into your everyday life or routine. Whether its our product range or our content, visuals or social media, this is the rule we follow.

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

Tell us a bit about the products and how they are developed.

It starts with an idea, focusing on major skin issues or what a beauty product user is looking for. Then, we test the product in the physical market and then depending on the response, the product is altered and the formula is stabilized after getting desired results. We test the product for about 3 months and then we launch it. We have a very strong research and development process especially due to the fact that we are not using chemicals so the ingredients that replace these chemicals should work in reality and have no side effects. Making concoctions out of natural ingredients is an age-old art form that we are refining now through our products. But we need to be careful about preservation and that sources of these ingredients are in fact natural, which is why we only work with suppliers that give a certificate of origin.

What are the biggest misconceptions about natural skincare?

We come across people who have the urge of going all natural but expect sudden results. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to make them understand how natural ingredients and products work. The internet has a lot of articles which provide knowledge about the ingredients but those are theoretical. The practical usage may have a different impact on different skin types, so there are chances of minor irritation or allergy. Putting this point across to people who believe that articles found on the internet are the gospel truth is quite difficult at times.

Which of Enn’s Closet do you consider must-haves in every woman’s beauty arsenal for the summer?

A mask or two depending on your skin type or issue you need to address, a serum to feed your skin with essential oils and natural lipsticks — your lips are one of the most delicate areas on your body, I feel every one using lipsticks should make this shift to natural ones right now. Chemicals on your lips are just not worth it.

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

Enn's Closet all natural skincare, Appearances

How do you see the Enn’s Closet range expanding in the future?

We plan to expand into every type of skin and makeup product category. We’re trying to replace chemical products on every frontier — expect more creams, serums, bathing essentials, makeup products like foundation, concealer. highlighters and eyeshadows in near future.

Where can one find your products?

Our products are available online on our official website Ennscloset.com, Nykaa.com. Our offline stockists include the Nykaa On Trend store in Noida and leading salon chains in Delhi NCR. We also plan on making our products available on Myntra and Jabong very soon.

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