Different Face Make Up Brushes Every Girl Needs On Her Dresser

by MFG

Here is a quick guide on the different face makeup brushes every girl needs and their uses, scroll down to see how many you already have and can check of this face brush check list

The fan brush:

Use it to apply highlighter to the apple of your cheeks, sweep away any extra powder or eye showdown fall out

Flat Brush

The Flat Brush:


Used to apply foundation to create perfect lines

 Foundation brush

The foundation brush:

Flat, dense, soft and rounded this foundation brush is perfect for application of liquid foundation, concealer and blending it all well

foundation brush

Flat Top Brush:


This is perfect to apply cream foundation and full coverage with powder and blush on your cheeks


Round Buffing Brush:


This is used to blend everything away, blend your foundation, concealer, blush and even your contour using this brush

Round buffing brush



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