Dr. Madhuri Agarwal on Catering To an Individual’s Overall Aesthetic Care & On Looking Flawless in Summer

by Mansi Kohli


Dr. Madhuri Agarwal established Yavana Aesthetics Clinic, Mumbai, in 2005; she has proven to be a high-powered and an ambitious individual and has taken aesthetics in Mumbai to an all new level. Considered to be one of the top skin, hair & laser clinics in Mumbai, Yavana caters to an individual’s complete aesthetic care. The brand was established with the sole purpose of providing holistic skin, hair, nail and aesthetics care to its patients.

The brand name, Yavana literally means “being forever young”. It is driven strongly by the philosophy of providing the best and the latest in treatments and technology in Dermatology and Aesthetics to the patients. Thus, the motto,”Best in Beauty, Just for you”. Today, in an one-to-one interaction with MyFashGram, Dr. Madhuri Agarwal speaks about what makes women beautiful, right type of sunscreen suited for you, peeling facials for summer and how to get that effervescent glow in summer season.

1. What keeps you passionate about helping people look beautiful? 

From the very beginning of my pursuit in the field of Dermatology and Aesthetics, the real definition of achievement for me as a doctor, has been to bring a smile on the faces of my clients and patients. A person smiles when he or she feels beautiful.They feel beautiful when they look beautiful and to make them look beautiful is my profession. My values of no compromise on my skill and finesse, and to bring smiles on faces, keep me fired and passionate about my work.

2. How important is sunscreen in the summer? And, is there any right way of applying sunscreen?

Tanning is a result of skin’s defence mechanism. When the skin is exposed to the sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, melanin is produced while existing melanin gets redistributed to absorb the radiation. This causes a skin darkening effect. Therefore, measures to avoid skin’s exposure to the sun or create a blocking layer are the routes to avoid tanning. Sun exposure over a period of time without sun protection can also accelerate skin aging and lead to early signs of aging such as dark, coarse skin with fine lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure in summers is known to trigger skin allergies .Henceit is essential to apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF30.

I recommend, wear the sunblock cream liberally all over the exposed areas of your skin 20 minutes before stepping out under the sun. And remember, one application doesn’t last the entire day. You need to re-apply every 4 hours for the sunscreen to have an effect.

3. What considerations we need to keep in mind when buying sunscreen?

Sun emits both UVA & UVB rays. Both are equally culpable in causing skin damage and aging. Therefore choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that gives protection from both UVA & UVB rays. SPF is the meter to gauge the extent of sun protection provided by a sunblock cream. The higher the SPF, the higher the protection. However, the higher the SPF, the more oily the cream formulation is.

People with oily skin need to pick water-based light formulations of SPF so as not to cause the skin to become all the more greasy and burst into breakouts. People with dry skin, on the other hand, can chose cream-based formulations of SPF. Today, sunscreens are available in a wide range of products such as sprays, lotions as well as wet wipes. People with greasy skin can also opt for the latter.

4. Many sunscreens look white or ashy on dark skin. How can one avoid them?

Nowadays many sunscreens contain zinc or titanium oxide as theyare good physical sunscreen, work by reflecting the sunrays and ensure an advanced sunprotection.

There are formulations available that contain micronized zinc or titanium oxide and give a transparent look. In case this  is not easily available,switch to a chemical sunscreen.

5. How can we stop face redness in the summer? 

Facial redness is commonly seen in summers due to the aggressive heat and strong sun exposure.

  • Avoid sun exposure between 10am-4pm in summers.
  • Reduce the intake of hot and spicy foods and consume more fluids like juices and soups.
  • A simple tip at home is soak a napkin in ice cold water and apply it to the face and neck. This will slow down the excessive blood flow caused by heat and bring down the redness.

6. How important are peeling facials for summer?

In summers, skin tends to tan and become dark, coarse and uneven.  Yavana Immacule range of peels work by exfoliating the damaged layer of the skin and aiding the regeneration of a fresh new layer. It ensures a regular turnover of dead skin and takes off the tan easily beginning from first session. We have a variety of latest advanced peels that are customized according to the skin type and problems such as acne, pigmentation and anti aging. Our patients love the supple, clear and healthy skin that our peels deliver.

7. Which skin treatment helps in minimising pores?

We have multiple treatment options at my clinic for minimizing pores. However, the most popular treatment and my favorite is our innovative Yavana Peau Claire treatment. It gives reduction of pores within few sessions along with the benefit of a clear, even skin tone. The session takes only 30 minutes and there is no downtime.

8. A treatment that you swear by for a glowing skin?

The most popular treatment that my patients love doing with us for that perfect glow is our range of Yavana signature LA PEAURFECTION range of treatments designed to cater to all ages and skin types. It is relaxing, rejuvenates and replenishes their skin and they love the skin radiance it gives them. This also lasts for many days so it is ideal for social events, holidays and your special days. 

9.Which are the top signature treatment at Yavana?

At YAVANA, we have a range of signature treatments under 4 categories namely, La Peaurfection (For Skin), Son De Cheveux (For Hair), BeauteEternelle (For Anti- Aging) and Peau Claire (For Skin Lightening). All of them carefully designed and crafted to offer the best to every beauty aspirant across all ages and gender.

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