Easy And Quick Makeover – 8 WAYS TO REINVENT YOUR LOOK

by MFG

With new academic year starting soon comes the stress of new outfits to wear, if a fresh start and ways to reinvent your look is what you’re looking for congratulations you’re at the right place here are some ways to reinvent your look

1. Change Your Hair Color

You don’t have go full crazy like a pixie or pink or pastel hair, but just make a little change, like an Ombre or highlights


2. Find the red lipstick that suits you

Go and try all the reds out there I promise you will find one that suits you! Red id for everyone and just ups the glamour in your outfit.


3. Bye Bye kajal and hello eyeliner

Indian girls find it the most difficult to stay away from kajal, but give it a try for once and skip the kajal and lay up your eye liner go for winged dramatic eyeliner and instead of kajal apply only mascara on your lower lashes!


4. Contact lenses

If you have glasses then even better change in color of your eye can change the entire look of your face, make sure to go for something natural looking red or pink vampire eyes are not the best option no matter how badly you would want to be one!


5. Change your parting

Middle, side left right change up your part and experiment with it.


6. Brows

If you have thin brown then play them up and change them up to make them accentuate and give them an amazing shape!


7. Get a Tan

Dusky is sexy, Get a tan and embrace the dusky look


8. Hair texture

Changing the texture of your hair can give a dramatic makeover to your look so if you have curls then go straight and if you have poker straight hair then go curly! Or even a deep conditioning mask that will really restore and moisturize your hair.


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