Fresh Ways To Style Your Hair In Braids This Season

by Jharna Pariani

Fresh Ways To Style Your Hair In Braids This Season, Easy Hairstyles to Wear for Summer, Appearances

Now matter how you interpret the braid, it’s a classic ‘do. So whether its the occasion of a brunch or you’re simply lounging by the pool, summer is the best time as any other to play dress up with your hair and look pretty. Lucky for us when it comes to braids, there are countless ways to style them — from fishtails and mermaids to reverse French braids and milkmaids.

With no shortage of new takes on classic styles constantly floating around the web, today we got you two of the best YouTube tutorials from the beauty blogger hemisphere. The blogger we tapped onto today was a Ukrainian damsel who goes by the name Lilith Moon and has a channel with 1.4 million followers dedicated to her intricate and beautiful takes on hairstyling. So pull out your hair ties, bobby pins, tail comb and hair spray, because we’re about to get downright crafty with your mane.

1. False braided hairstyle tutorial

In this video, Lilith walks us through a step by step tutorial on how to create an easy half up half down hairdo by transforming it into a fake french braid. The look is boho chic and requires your hair to be of medium length at least for optimal results. What we specifically love about her tutorial styles are the variations offered within a hairstyle in case you feel the need to switch it all up and look different. You can style this do with your favourite pair of chandbaali earrings, a gorgeous pink lip and some glitter eye makeup.

2. Half up half down hairstyles with curls

This tutorial has a retro glam take on braids for those of you who love your hair with a little bouffant and volume. Remember, unwashed and day old hair is always key when it comes to trying out these styles. Watch on as Lilith walks you through this trendy hairdo that is a combination of lace waterfall braid that frames your face shape and looks extremely flattering when completed. If you’re in a hurry, you could skip teasing your hair for the bouffant, but we do recommend it for the drama factor! Wear this look with delicate earrings and some bronzed out eye makeup.

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