How To Get Metallic Lips Like Kylie Jenner

by Zainab Burmawala

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Kylie Jenner’s Metallic Lip kits were an absolute rage in the US during Coachella. Let’s face it; they’re basically flash tats for the lips. What’s not to love? Especially if King Kylie is sporting this uber-chic lip trend herself. It is not an easy look to pull off as you certainly need an occasion to wear it. Sad we don’t have our own Coachella but what we do have is Navratri, Diwali and the Coldplay concert coming up!

It is an exceptionally fun look and a welcome change from the mainstream matte lip that has been ruling since quite some time now. We know it’s not easy to get your hands on one of Kylie’s lip kits in India, but guess what? You don’t need no lip kit to achieve the perfect metallic pout.You can create this look at home without any mess!


Khloe Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Lip Kit


All you need is a transparent lip balm and a metallic pigment. Mix the two in equal proportions and you have your homemade metallic lipstick concoction ready!


   Himalaya Lip Balm


Apply it on your lips using a lip brush for better precision. The colour will appear faintly translucent on your lips but don’t you worry as there’s a way to fix that too. Dip your finger in the metallic pigment (sans the lip balm) and dab on your lips for that opaque, metallic matte finish. It will immediately intensify the colour on the lip and also make it long-lasting.


Naked Eye shadow Palette


This gorgeous recipe for glam was tried and tested by us and has our approval. We recommend using the Himalaya Lip Balm for this as it is less sticky and glossy compared to the others. Teamed up with a metallic eye shadow from the Urban Decay Naked Palette, this DIY lipstick was balmy and lasted for a good 4 hours without any touch up. Not bad for something you whipped up on your own, eh? You can use the same mixture on your eyelids for a glossy and shimmery finish or as a primer for your eye shadow. Get experimenting and try it out with different metallic colours like bronze, copper and rose gold!


Metallic Lips

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