How To Pick The Right Mascara Wand For Your Lashes

by Zainab Burmawala


You wanna know the truth about mascaras? It’s not the product that works like a charm on your lashes, it’s the wand does all the magic. We’ve all hunted for the perfect hairbrush and the perfect foundation brush all our lives. Let’s not forget to get the perfect brush for your lashes cause who doesn’t want those gorgeously curled fluttery lashes to flaunt. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes that pick up product depending on the way it’s designed. The final result you get out of a mascara entirely depends on the wand. Scroll down to know about the different kinds of mascara wands and find out which finish works for you!

1.Ball Tipped Mascara Wands

This long, tightly packed mascara wand gives your lashes all the drama you’ll need. The ball-tipped end ensures every single one of your lash is coated with enough product. Lots of bristles seriously bulk up your fringe, while the rubber detailing allows you to sculpt your lashes to perfection.

Mascara , Benefit

2.Curved Wands

If you’re lashes are super straight and don’t curl up no matter what you do, give a mascara with such a wand a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. These wands mimic the natural arc of eyelashes and are meant to give you an easy, all-over application. If you’re the one who’s always in a hurry and has no time for eyelash curlers, this wand is your soul mate.

Mascara , Clinique

3.Thick Bristled Wand

Meant to add fullness to existing lashes, the thick bristle wands are the most common wands available in the market. Famous for achieving the natural lash look, it’s also ideal for people with short and thin lashes. You can go all out and coat your lashes with loads of product without worrying about clumping them.

Mascara , Maybelline

4.Micro Wands

Always make a mess while coating your lower lashes with mascara? That’ cause you’re probably uncomfortable with the size of the mascara wand. Finally someone recognized that using a long bristled wand on your bottom lashes doesn’t always deliver the cleanest results. Micro wands are the perfect size to coat your lower lashes with mascara.

Mascara , Mac Cosmetics

5.Long Skinny Wand

You might not think a sparse, plastic bristle wand could really make your lashes look luxurious, but they do just that. This type of wand defines each lash by separating and coating them from root to tip making it ideal for those who already have voluminous lashes that just require length.

Mascara , NYX

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