Kim Kardashian West Is All Set To Launch A Fragrance Sculpted Like Her Own Body

by Jharna Pariani

Kim Kardashian West Is All Set To Launch A Fragrance Sculpted After Her Own Body, Appearances

When Kim Kardashian West adds something new to her beauty range, its never short of anything major! After having recently landed a prestigious cover on The Business of Fashion’s special beauty report, the gorgeous mogul doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. On Wednesday evening came the news that she’s launching a new edition to her KKW Fragrance line — a perfume bottled to look just like the bodacious babe herself.

Jean Paul Gaultier may have started it all back in the day when he started his range of hourglass figurine bottled fragrances called Classique, but Kim Kardashian took it a step further. After a few risqué posts on her official Instagram page of herself in the nude, Kim revealed, “We took a mould of my body and made it a perfume bottle” and the rest was history! In a sneak peek of her story, we got a final glimpse of the fragrance that’s been modelled after her and its rather sculptural to say the least. 


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So, what does it actually smell like? Well, according to post on @KKWfragrance the KKW Body offers an opening of bright bergamot and a burst of juicy peach nectar, the middle contains notes of jasmine sambac, rose and ylang ylang and closes with woods and musk. The fragrance is all set to launch on the 30th of this month. To stay updated on the launch, sign up on the link at kkwfragrance.com.

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