Mad About Selfies: Here Are Some Selfies Tips

by MFG

Whether you are at home, bathroom, on road, at a party or in any part of the world, we don’t leave a single opportunity to take a selfie. Love them or hate them, these solo snaps seem to be sticking around too much these days that you can’t just ignore them.

The word selfie became so famous that it got registered in Oxford Dictionary last year. But selfies can either make you look like Angelina or like a gorilla if your pout goes wrong. So to help you master the cultural phenomenon with grace we have a few beautifying tricks that will have you looking double-tap worthy in seconds.

1. Find the correct Light

For any selfie you take, good lighting is everything. To show off your beautiful face in a selfie, natural light is best. If you’re indoors, find a window to stand in front of and let the sunlight hit your face and just click the phone button to take a perfect picture.

Selfies Tips

2. Angle Wisely

Reduce the fishbowl effect by holding your camera as far away as possible. And if you want to look slim in your pic, hold your camera little higher than your face.

 Selfies Tips

3. Pose Perfectly- No duckface

Yes, that’s surely not a good idea while taking a selfy unless you really have a purpose behind it. To get rid of nervousness people tend to make faces which can be a big turn-off for anyone who sees it. Don’t distort your face, smile. Now go and prosper.

Selfies Tips

4. Avoid Multiple Chins

 Except it people that double chin can screw your selfie. To avoid a double chin effect, consciously elongate your neck and push your shoulders back for good posture. Also, try not to hold the camera directly beneath your face as this is usually an unflattering angle.

5. Stay casual and calm

Guys please take selfie as a fun activity. Many people become nervous or conscious while taking selfies. Do it sportingly, more natural you remain, better would be the result.

6. Correct make-up

Want to show off a great lipstick? Do you feel your blemishes or dark circles get highlighted when you take selfies, well choose a correct cosmetic for a perfect selfie. Make sure you apply correct make-up, choose bright color lipstick to flaunt your lips and a nice blush-on to show-off your cheek-bones.

Selfies Tips

7. Keep the Mystery Alive

To keep a little mystery, we love selfies that only highlight part of your face. If you’re just showing off your new lipstick, just snap your glossy lips for an editorial looking image. Bragging about your perfect messy bun? Stand against a clean background and show just your bun for an artsy take.

8. Use Camera timer

Finally, let the camera do the work. For good and steady pictures try to use a timer. Use of timer also gives you time to pose or take position. Adjust it with a nice background and just say cheeeeseee…………more tips on MyFashGram

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