MFG Loves: 9 Lesser-Known Indian Organic Beauty Brands You Must Try!

by Mansi Kohli

MFG Loves: 9 Lesser-Known Indian Organic Beauty Brands You Must Try!

The secret to beautiful skin lies in nature. With the international beauty industry making a shift towards organic and more holistic way of preparing products, one can’t help but zoom the lens inwards and look at many such ingenious homegrown Indian organic brands. These are not-so-popular brands that are not only helping us embrace a chemical-free living without breaking our bank, but they are also giving us visually appealing yet environmental-friendly packaging. MFG picks 9 such lesser-known organic beauty brands that can be a healthy part of your skincare arsenal.

Skin Yoga

Founded by three sisters, Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika, SkinYoga is a 100% natural skin care brand. The brand aims at creating solutions for people who want to adopt to a natural lifestyle, all inspired from the ancient times to be adopted in our modern-day lifestyle.

Skin Yoga -organic beauty products

Best-selling product: Almond Orange Face Scrub


Founded by former lawyer Kavita Khosa, the brand scores ingredients from the lap of Himalayas by micro-credit and women self-help groups. Evoking harmony between mind, body and soul, Purearth’s plant and mineral based formulations are rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and a revelation in sustaining beauty and wellness.

Best-selling product: Wild Rose & Seabuck Face Cream

Purearth-organic beauty products

Jhelum Loves

The beauty products line of Jhelum Loves incorporates sweet fragrances, aromatherapy and lovely bach flower remedies. All of the products come with an aim of aligning body chakras keeping up with the customer’s personal and emotional state of affairs.

Best-selling product: Soothsayer Mist, Purifier Face WashWild

Jhelum Loves-organic beauty products

Just Herbs

Using only whole plants for all their formulations, Just Herbs has developed a special 6-step regime covering all vital steps in a healthy skincare regimen right from cleansing and toning to night-care. They use only ECOCERT-certified preservatives. 

Best-selling product: Herb Enriched Skin Tint

Just Herbs-organic beauty products


Iraya, translated from Sanskrit, as ‘from the Earth’ was born out of Ayurveda. Made in a serene environment, right next to Central India’s wildlife and natural history heartland, the Gorewada Biodiversity park in Nagpur; Iraya makes products that are free from nano particles, fillers, GM ingredients, animal ingredients, and parabens.

Best-selling product: Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa

Iraya-organic beauty products

Skin Sense

A vegan, handmade skincare brand, Skin Sense sources ingredients from its own organic farms that are certified by the CUC-a Dutch authority.

Best-selling product: Brightening and Revitalizing Mask

Skin Sense-organic beauty products

Raw Rituals

From luxurious body butters to gentle face masks, from face serums to handmade soaps to essential oils, Raw Rituals has just about everything. They offer skin food that is free from preservatives and adulteration.

Best-selling product: Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles & Puffiness

Raw Rituals-organic beauty products

Organic Mills

Helmed by Ms. Shreni Kashyeb from Chennai, Organic Mill has a lust-worthy range of products comprising of facial toners, masks, lip scrubs, makeup remover wipes, hair oils and cleansers.

Best-selling product: Peppermint Foot Soak

Organic Mills-organic beauty products

Juicy Chemistry

Made from edible variety of food, fruits, herbs and essential oils, Juicy chemistry is known for their range of ‘gourmet soaps’, which are enticing and highly nourishing.

Best-selling product: Juicy Chemistry’s Hazelnut and Vanilla Latte Gourmet Soap

Juicy Chemistry-organic beauty products


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