Ready Set Glow: 5 Simple Hacks to Get That Perfect Glow

by MFG

With the changing season , our skin regime also requires a quick redo . To get that perfect glow follow these easy and simple steps

1. Dry Brush

If you’r looking for a quick sos for smooth skin ? Try dry brushing. Brush your skin in the direction of your heart, it helps in exfoliation, blood circulation and makes your skin quite bright and soft afterwards. Follow it up with body moisturiser

Dry Brush

2. Look Towards Korea

The Korean beauty masks are quite a hit in the beauty industry, try simple sheet masks mean for facial treatment, it seals moisture into your skin making your skin look dewy.


3. Ice Ice Baby

Take an ice cube and rub it all over your face and around your cheeks in circular motion, the extreme temperature will release heat shock proteins leaving the skin softly flushed and glowing.


4. Use beauty blender

Apply hydrating oil on your make-up brush or beauty blender before you dip it onto the foundation to add a dewy glow to your foundation.

Beauty Blender

5. Turn to Cream Blush

To make your face look like it is glowing from within dab peachy cream blush along the apples of your cheek.

Peach Blush



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