The Big Bridal Beauty Trousseau box: What all you need

by Zainab Burmawala

Bridal Trousseau

If you’re a new bride to be and have begun your wedding trousseau shopping, you probably should stack up on some beauty essentials too. I know you’ve already hired your favourite makeup artist for all of your wedding functions but no matter how sorted your bridal bookings are for your ultimate dream wedding, you’ll still need to get your hands on a big beauty trousseau box. Even after the wedding, there will be so many functions and parties you’ll have to attend, so it’s always good to keep a box full of beauty goodies as back up cause you never know when you’ll have to remove them out of the storage. It’s a big world out there and as a new bride, it’s always good to be prepared for every situation. So here’s a list of beauty products you must have in your wedding trousseau box to ensure you look flawless at every function even after your big day.

1.Skincare Products

Sunblock, toner, face wash and moisturizer and a few facemasks! These should become a few of your favorite things even before your wedding, so get your hands on some of the good stuff to take along with you in your big box of beauty. To keep your bridal glow on and it’s important to continue your skin care routine even after all the functions are over.

Body Shop Facewash, Toner , Moisturiser



Go consult an artist at a high-end cosmetic store and stack up on the right foundation, concealer and powder that suits your skin type. Do not try to look fairer. Choose a foundation that seamlessly blends and disappears on your skin. Aim to match and not lighten the skin.

Estee Lauder Foundation , Concealer , Compact Powder



If you’re a beginner and aren’t into contouring and highlighting, get yourself a good blush to add some colour on your face. Get a peach, pink and a bronze blush that’ll keep you looking all healthy and flushed out at all the soirees. And the best part about owning a bronze blush, you can even contour with it!



Do I even have to mention this one? Stock up on all your favorite lipsticks. If you’re clueless on what colors to include, it’s good to have a nude, a pink, a matte red, a glossy pink, a burgundy and a bottle of a clear lip gloss to keep you going. You can mix and match and wear these colors and throw in some of the clear gloss on top to make the look more fun and shiny.

L'oreal Lipsticks



As a new bride, it’s usually your eyes that do all of the talking. Some staples you’ll need to dazzle up your eyes are: black eyeliner, a dark kohl pencil, a basic eyeshadow palette and a bottle of mascara. You can play around with your eye makeup and create so many different looks using just these products.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palatte & Mascara



Consult your hairstylist and get some good hair products in your kit. Yes, a local parlor that can blow dry your hair in a jiffy is always around the corner but you never know when you’ll have to style your hair. Just like you’re keeping some makeup products handy, keep a good hairspray and serum handy too.

L'oreal Hair Spray & Moroccon OIl



I cannot even begin to stress on the importance of including a few bottles of perfume in your trousseau. Smelling good at all times should become your top most priority. A whiff of the sweet scent you’re wearing will leave a lasting impression on everybody you’ll meet at a function.

Estee Lauder Perfumes

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