Trend Alert: 2017 Is The year 80’s Shall Make A Mighty Comeback

by Zainab Burmawala

Frosty blue shadow, colorful blush, poofy hair—all these signifiers of ’80s beauty are making a comeback.

We’re not talking mall bangs shellacked with Aqua Net, or palm tree–like ponytails capped off with scrunchies (sorry not sorry, Paula Abdul), but rather bright blush draped across cheekbones, sleek side ponytails, full-throttle pop eye shadow, colored eyelashes and nearly neon nail paints and lip colours.

Colored eyeshadow


It’s the year to bring out your crimpers and rock the big hair don’t care look because 80’s inspired makeup and hair is gonna be huge this year. While 2016 was all about the toned down subtle hues of the 90’s, it’s time to go loud and overboard in 2017 with the 80’s.

Blush , Cheekbones

Bring out your brightest best and get ready to rock this year with beauty looks so edgy, you’ll make all eyes turn at a party. 80’s was a time of extremes in fashion, makeup, and music…a time of major creativity and I’m sure 2017 is gonna see some great creativity buzzing around too!

Hair crimpers

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