Your Quest To Achieve Brighter And Younger Looking Skin Ends Here

by Jharna Pariani

Your Quest To Achieve Brighter And Younger Looking Skin Ends Here, My Fashgram

Ever dreamt of perfect looking skin that didn’t require a filter on Instagram? We did too! So when we heard of a revolutionary collagen drink that gives real meaning to the phrase ‘drinking from the fountain of youth’, we were all eyes and ears!

The Skin Project, Skilixir, My Fashgram

The Skin Project’ is an honest and revolutionary new beauty-tech company whose mantra is helping you achieve younger and brighter looking skin. How would they do this you ask? The answer lies in their ‘Skilixir‘, an elixir for your skin which contains a potent mix 100% natural ingredients that help transform your skin to its brightest best over a period of 90 days.

The Skin Project, Skilixir, My Fashgram

The Skin Project, Skilixir, My Fashgram

The Skilixir works from within, helping you restore your skin’s elasticity that keep signs of ageing at bay. Not to be confused with a whitening potion or supplement, the drink additionally helps make your nails appear healthy whilst adding a boost of shine to your tresses as well. With active ingredients like Hydroylzed collagen, Silver ear mushroom, L-Glutathione, Silk protein, Vitamins C and E, 30ml’s of the Skilixir a day results in plump and healthy looking skin.

Founder of The Skin Project, Meghna Ghodawat believes in natural beauty and with her skincare launch, the company promises to tread a sustainable and effective path towards skin preservation. Whoever said beauty was only skin deep hadn’t come across a company with deep rooted values — in addition to their quest towards better skin, The Skin Project strongly regards rightful values of freedom, liberty and equality for all sexes, for which they consign 5% of their profits towards women empowerment organisations and animal welfare.

To pre-order a bottle of Skilixir, place a call at +91 75067 – 01575 or subscribe to their email newsletter to receive the latest updates at www.skinproject.in.

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