​Seriously? THIS Is What Rihanna’s “Casual Tuesday” ​Looks Like​

by Kiran Kaur

Rihanna in Molly Goddard, MyFashgram


When someone uses the term “casual Tuesdays” the few things that crop up in mind are a relaxed, summery mini, a pair of ripped jeans, a white tee, pyjamas, athleisures, Daisy Dukes… well, the list is quite a long one. But never in hell would we have imaged a frilly ball gown to be on this list. Then we remembered that Rihanna is not “someone.” So when she says “casual Tuesdays” she could mean anything between the most ostentatious runway look and a t-shirt dress. And for her very recent casual Tuesday comprised of a tiered ball gown. Because, why not?

Rihanna recently grammed a couple of pictures of herself with one-word posts alongside. While the first post read, “Casual,” the other picture went up with “Tuesdays.” As it happens, in both the pictures, the diva is seen wearing an off-shoulder, tiered and ruffled gown in a beautiful cerulean blue from Molly Goddard‘s Fall 2017 Ready-to-wear collection. She was styled by Mel Ottenberg.

Rihanna in Molly Goddard, MyFashgram

The songstress-turned-actress then teamed it up with a pair of classic white kicks making quite an unusual and quirky combination. A metallic gold watch, stud earrings and dark sunnies accessorised her look which was then punctuated with her signature top bun and glossy brown lips.

Well, what do you think of RiRi’s casual Tuesdays- hit or miss? Feel free to leave your comments below!

Image Credit: Instagram, Rihanna

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