2 Gigi Hadid-Aprroved Ways To Nail Winter Fashion The Supermodel Way

by Kiran Kaur

Gigi Hadid, Winter Fashion, MyFashgram

“Winter is coming” might be the iconic Game Of Thrones phrase but in reality, winter is already here. And with it are also here some exceptionally fab winter looks that are courtesy of our favourite style stars. Say, for example, Gigi Hadid, who recently won winter fashion, for the umpteenth time, with two stunning style statements… one in classic blacks and off-whites and the other in bright colours and busy prints. Here, take a look…

1. In Pretty Solids & Busy Prints…

Gigi was first seen transforming the streets of NYC in a pair of printed, statement cropped pants from Chris by Christopher Bu’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. She teamed this up with a pink (a colour we know she favours) cropped sweater by Christina Ledang and a long, puffer jacket in a matching tone of pink from the same label. The model went subtle with her footwear opting for a pair of Low Top Sky Nude Sneakers from Filling pieces and threw on a pair of Baxter sunglasses by Illesteva. Gigi had her hair pulled up in an unkempt bun and finished off her look with nude lips.

Gigi Hadid, Winter Fashion, MyFashgram

2. In Neutral Tones…

After her fun with prints and colours, for her more recent outing, Gigi decided to go with the winter classic palette of black and ivory. The model first went all black with a pair of leggings, a crop top and a bomber wrapped around her waist. Taking her list of black forward, Gigi stepped into a pair of black kicks, lugged a black tote and threw on a pair of black, cat-eye sunnies. But Hadid then decided it was time to break the black monotony and threw on an ivory trench paying tribute to the now very “in” oversized trend. Her hair was yet again pulled up in a bun, this time less messy, and she continued to rock her signature nude lips this time as well.

Gigi Hadid, Winter Fashion, MyFashgram

Which of Gigi’s winter looks do you like better?

Image Credit: Daily Mail

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