About Time Bucket Hats’re Decreed Cool Again Because Ranveer Singh’s Proving So

by Kiran Kaur

Ranveer Singh in Bucket Hat, MyFashgram


With every 90s trend witnessing a revival, it was a matter of time before we saw the emergence of the bucket hat. Our belief was further fueled when designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, BCBG, Alexander Wang and a few others sent models donning the headgear strutting down the runways during their Spring/Summer 2016 displays. But honestly, despite its quick absorption into celebrity street style, we were never truly sold on or even remotely tempted to try this controversial trend that’s more often than not deemed blah. But today we are here to defend the bucket hat because today is when we saw Ranveer Singh working the hat trend. And when Ranveer Singh works a trend, we do not doubt, question or argue; we decree that trend COOL!

The actor was snapped outside a suburban club post a basketball game in his casual sporty attire that comprised of a beige Ganji that he teamed up with a pair of maroon joggers. Ranveer added a pair of nude pink and grey kicks to his game-time ensemble and finished off his look with a beige bucket hat that almost matched the lighter, non-wet tone of his Ganji. A pair of dark sunglasses with a brown frame completed his look.

Now, we’ve long since established that Singh’s acing the hat game with a new style every few days coming our way, so seeing him working another one shouldn’t really have taken us off guard. But the fact that this not-so-happening headgear could ever seem this appealing did take us by surprise, and quite a pleasant one too.

Guess it’s time to try one on ourselves, though it wouldn’t be news to us if we barely managed to bring on one tenth of Ranveer‘s cool quotient wearing that hat.

Image Credit: Viral Bhayani

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