The One Thing That Could Make Akshay Kumar’s Suit Look Even Better

by Simi Kuriakose

The One Thing That Could Make Akshay Kumar's Suit Look Even Better


There are only a few celebrities in Bollywood who are already in their late 40s but can still give competition to the so-called young lads of the industry, or in some cases even look way better than them. And Akshay Kumar is one such man. Let’s all agree how handsome this man is already. From a fit and fab body to sharp looks and even taking into account that unusual smile, everything about him is dashing. And if I were to argue from a fashion point of view, of late the 49-year-old superstar has proved that he does have a penchant for style.

Akshay Kumar In A Three-Piece Suit

What He Wore

At the unveiling of Tata Motor’s latest vehicle, Akshay Kumar was seen attending the event in a three-piece-suit. Now obviously, there’s something about a man who can take advantage of an occasion to suit up. Because the only deal about looking good in a suit is attention to detail. The navy three-piece suit with black formal shoes and a striped tie was an unexpected look from him. Akshay, by virtue of being quite a smart looker, obviously looked pretty polished and crisp as far as his appearance. But there’s just that one dealbreaker — the fit. Let’s be honest folks, there are no two ways about a well-tailored suit. 

Style Take

So men here’s a style tip from this look. The next time you’re donning a three-piece suit, the pointer to keep in mind is whether it’s well-tailored for you. It shouldn’t be too tight as if it were made for someone a size smaller, or loose to showcase creases and folds along the length. Ensure that even the sleeves are not too lengthy, and you display just a quarter of your shirt cuff and nothing more. Remember, not everyone is an Akshay Kumar to look dapper even in a suit that isn’t precisely tailored.

Pic: Viral Bhayani

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