Bella Hadid’s Sexy White Top Has An Even Sexier Back

by Kiran Kaur

Bella Hadid out in New York, Bella Hadid Street Style, MyFashgram


Bella Hadid‘s at it yet again… strutting the streets of New York City as though they were her own personal runway flaunting her curvy waist and ample cleavage. And for once, we were so mesmerised by her chic ensemble that we forgot to be jealous of that fab bod, that beautiful face and that on-fleek style statement. Bella was recently snapped on her way to a salon right before she got extensions and the supermodel totally killed it with her crisp and interesting sartorial story which read just as beautifully backwards as it did on the front as you are about to find out in the pics below. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one…

What She Wore

Bella was working a pair of high-waist boyfriend jeans with an inside-out zipper detail from Off-White‘s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. She teamed her coolass jeans with the sexiest crop-top we’ve seen in days. The diva sported a severely cropped white Are You Am I shirt left unbuttoned.

Bella Hadid out in New York, Bella Hadid Street Style, MyFashgram

Now if you think her top was really fab, wait till you see the even-more-sexy, backless behind with a tie detail. Check it out…

Bella Hadid out in New York, Bella Hadid Street Style, MyFashgram

Shoes & Accessories

Bella accessorised her outfit with a pair of silver loops and a delicate layered neckpiece. The stylista stepped into a pair of high-top Nike boots, lugged on a black Dior bag and completed her ensemble with Le Specs sunnies.

Hair & Makeup

Bella worked her signature ‘nude eyes nude lips’ combo and coupled it with a severe top knot on her way in. On her way out, however, the diva had a long, shiny and dark mane of extension that she wore in a severe high pony.


With all the raining celebrity looks, it not unusual to spot one that is impressive. But to find one that is chic, cool, sexy and crisp all at once is not a very common phenomenon, let alone finding all these qualities in a casual look that you can actually work in IRL, though not with out a bit of sobering up. As insanely hot as this look is, it’s hard to not fall for it.

Image Credit: Instagram

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