Did Anyone Else Notice The Transition In Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Statements

by Kiran Kaur

Kim Kardashian West in Paul Gaultier, Forbes Women's Summit, MyFashgram


Who would have thought there’s come a time when Kim Kardashian West would make a red carpet appearance that would be devoid of plunges, sheers, cutouts, thigh-high slits or any other form of skin show? Well, certainly not us, but come it has! The actress walked the red carpet of the Forbes Women’s Summit 2017 that took place on June 13 in New York, where she was one of the keynote speakers. Of course, her admission that she has had her share of mistakes in life that she hopes to never repeat and that she has grown as a person, was the highlight of the event, but so was her sharp and event-appropriate power suit that grabbed a lot of attention but for reasons you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Kim wore a polished black, pinstriped pantsuit by vintage Jean Paul Gaultier that she teamed up with a pair of strappy nude heels. Long, wavy, centre-parted tresses, almost nude eyes and nude brown lips added the perfect finishing touches to Kim’s elegant silhouette.

Kim Kardashian West in Paul Gaultier, Forbes Women's Summit, MyFashgram

Of course, she went shirtless for the night but apart from a slight hint of a cleavage, there was no more skin show, so to speak which is precisely why the look has been doing the rounds of social media.

But come to think, the international style icon has consistently been going with the understated vibe post the traumatic robbery incident that took place at Kim’s Paris residence in October 2016, while she was attending the Paris Fashion Week. Yes, she did admit it herself that she has changed a lot as a person and has even grown above materialistic things to quite an extent but even then, her new style statements tend to take us by surprise.

Guess we just need some getting used to, to her subdued sartorial picks!

Image Credit: Forbes and Instagram

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