Dishoom Style Diaries: A Quick Look At Jacqueline Fernandez’s  Promotional Looks

by MFG

Jacqueline Fernandez has always been categorised as one of the most fashion forward celebrities in B-Town. From red carpet appearances to promotional looks to just-another-spotting, the actress has often wowed us. But with her ultra-stylish promotional outings for ‘Dishoom,’ the actress took gutsy to a whole new level.

Prior to the film’s promotions, Shaleena Nathani (who is responsible for most of Jacqueline’s promo looks) had revealed to MyFashgram, in an exclusive interview that they are definitely going to take Jackie’s style a notch higher this time around. Talking about her looks Nathani said, “Each look of Jacqueline will be individual. It will be very chic.”

Jacqueline Fernandes

Shaleena also added that she was going to try new things with Jackie’s looks and make her very fashionable. And true to her words, we did get a lot of stylish looks, each vastly different from the other. Be it the multi-coloured, striped paint-suit or the military-print mini skirt or a simple distressed denim, the girl left a lasting impression with them all. Noteworthy among these were the Dishoom ring and jacket that Nathani had customised especially for Jacqueline.


A photo posted by Shaleena (@shaleenanathani) on


A photo posted by Shaleena (@shaleenanathani) on

While her outfits varied from edgy to elegant, one thing that stayed constant was the very pretty shades of pink on her lips, courtesy of make-up artist Vardan Nayak. Incidentally, Vardan too had revealed a few make-up deets to us in an exclusive video interview.

Here check it out…

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