Exclusive! We Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About Salman Khan

by Kiran Kaur

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We guess it is safe to say that Tubelight is going to be a monstrous hit from the kind of buzz that’s been surrounding the movie for a very long time now. And we are just as eager as everyone else to catch the movie, only for slightly different reasons. While the rest of you are going in mostly for Salman Khan and also for other relatively insignificant details like the story, the music, the direction, etc., we are all for the sartorial drama that’s likely to unfold in this period film. So like we do before every release, we got in touch with Ashley Rebello, who, along with Salman’s sister, stylist and designer, Alvira Agnihotri, is responsible for styling and costume designing for Tubelight. And during our exclusive conversation, we found out several interesting facts including Ashley’s treatment of the costumes, his research and preparation, his experience working with the biggest star of the nation and a lot more. However, there was one detail that particularly surprised us because despite thousands of stories we’ve read and heard about the man, never once did we come across this one… Salman is severely allergic wool! Yes, he is!

Ashley Rebello and Alvira Agnihotri, Tubelight Costume Designers Interview, MyFashgram
Ashley Rebello and Alvira Agnihotri

While talking about the details that he had to keep in mind while designing Salman‘s costumes, Ashley revealed how badly wool affects Salman. He said, “He (Salman) is allergic to wool. If he comes in contact with one, he immediately starts sneezing, catches a cold and is down with fever in no time. Even if a person wearing wool stands next to him, it induces the allergic reaction and he’ll start sneezing non-stop.”

Unfortunately for the actor, the movie is set in a time and place that his character required to wear a sweater at all times and so the stylist-designer duo had to put all the sweaters through several treatments to get rid of the tiny fibres that cause the allergic reaction on Khan.

Stay tuned to this space for the full interview coming your way soon enough!

Image Credit: Viral Bhayani

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