Huma Qureshi Is Killing It in These Matching Separates

by MFG

Say whatever you will but there is definitely something about girls in business formals that is irresistible. Now combine it with the on-going ‘monochromatic’ and ‘matching separates’ trends and you have a killer look ready; as was the case with Huma Qureshi’s recent outing.

Here check out the deets…

What she wore

Huma teamed up with her regular stylist, Sanjana Batra, for her latest outing. Sanjana picked out a monochromatic pant suit with matching prints for Huma from Bhaavya Bhatnagar’s collection. Adding a sexy vibe to the suit was the partially bare back. The suit hugged Huma’s curvaceous frame perfectly.

Huma Qureshi

Shoes and accessories

The actress adorned her ears with a pair of Maithili Kabre tops in gold and black. The black dominance of her attire was well compensated with the white Zara pumps that Huma stepped into. Avoiding any clash with her prints, Huma left her neck bare. A wise decision!

Hair and make-up

Huma’s hair was left down with a mild side parting. Well-defined eyes and bold maroon lips completed her look.


Huma sure nailed the pant suit fad with her swag and class. The only disappointment in the look was her hair. A severe bun or an up-ties knot would have gone a long way in taking this look from good to great. But given that the overall turnout is quite pleasant, we can live with the hair.

Image Credit: Instagram, Sanjana Batra and Huma Qureshi

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