Looking Ramp Ready: Gigi Hadid And Bella Hadid Slay Yet Again

by Jehana Antia

Gigi and Bella Hadid in NYC, MyFashgram


When we think ‘sister goals’ the duo that comes to mind are the Hadid sisters and why not, right? The two, other than looking absolutely FAB look like they never seem to have a bad day when it comes to style. While we’re struggling to get done with drab Thursday, the two sisters look like they know it all. With a strut in their walk and an air to their look, the two sisters look ramp ready on the street and we just can’t seem to look away. The Hadid have not only emerged as supermodels at their young ages but have become quite the style icons and the ultimate street style inspiration to millions across the globe. Off to probably one more mega-model shoot, the sisters take the streets of NYC looking ramp-ready. Here take a look…

Gigi and Bella Hadid in NYC, MyFashgram

Clad in a cropped Nickelodeon Studio graphic T-shirt, the elder sister kept herself warm in long sleeves. She opted for her signature high-waist jeans and chose white Stuart Weitzman pointy-toed boots to complete the look. Carrying a grey Jason Stalvey bag with hair knotted high and tinted black sunglasses, the model looked like she was ready to take on the town and we’re crushing all over her RN. You are too.

Gigi Hadid ina Nickelodeon Studio, MyFashgram

The younger sister opted for a grungier look whilst she head out with her sister. Bella looked stunning in a pair military print pants and a tucked-in white off-shoulder tee. In black high top boots, the younger model of the two went with her signature tightly slicked back hair and black sunnies to match her sister. She accessorised simply with a black sling, a golden pair of hooped earrings and a delicate chain. But what we loved best of the whole ensemble was without a doubt, her black studded Chromehearts+Bella belt.

Bella Hadid in Chromehearts+Bella in NYC, MyFashgram

There’s absolutely nothing to not love about the duo’s look and we’re thinking…not super models, fashion super heroes maybe?

Image Credit: Instagram

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