Ranveer Singh’s Untamed Sporty Look Is Hard To Miss

by MFG

Quirky, crazy, funny, weird, sporty, cool and what not! It is harder than you can imagine to describe Ranveer Singh in words. The eccentric young actor of B-Town has a unique sense of style. And guess what? The Singh lad doesn’t give a darn! He is much in sync with his fashion statements and we adore for the same equations. Recently, Ranveer was spotted taking a walk in an ultra crazy-cool look and we don’t know whether to be happy with experiments or ridiculed about the extremities.

More so, be your best judge

What he wore:

In a white ‘skateboarding’ printed t-shirt from Adidas, Ranveer walked down the streets of Mumbai spreading his rugged charm. He paired a quirky piece of white printed shorts that featured tribal prints. And he kinda owned the look, even though it was much appealing to the eyes.


Shoes and accessories

Kicking out the dreariness out of the place, he sported white and black Adidas Wings shoes that literally took his funky avatar to a newer height. The unique and ultra-cool designing makes it an unconventionally stylish accessory. More so, reversed printed baseball cap, broad black aviators and a long and thick golden chain stacked up his look.



Honestly, we aren’t fans of the complete look and it was too over-the -op for us. We would have liked if Ranveer had added some pop of colours in this white dreary appearance. Nonetheless, he kinda balanced it out with those shoes. Ranveer, you are a bundle of surprises, aren’t you?

Ranveer Singh’s untamed sporty look is hard to miss » Ranveer Singh’s untamed sporty look is hard to miss

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