Recreate Sonam Kapoor’s Summer Look With Celeb Makeup Artist Namrata Soni

by Jharna Pariani

Celeb Makeup Artist Namrata Soni Helps Us Recreate Sonam Kapoor’s Summer Look, Appearances

When it comes to giving our favourite celebrities that covetable bombshell look, there’s no one better than Namrata Soni. The makeup artist has painted the faces of today’s most in-demand It-girls, and in the process developed a recognisable signature glam look that we can now spot almost instantaneously. While her looks are perfect for a night on the town — whether its a sultry smokey eyed stare or a boldly lacquered lip, the lit-from-within glow she imparts on clients remains consistent throughout. 

With summer makeup, we typically lean toward subtle tones of pinks, taupes and peaches — while these delicate hues certainly complement the warm weather, every now and then a pop of iridescent metallics can be refreshing. And this is exactly what Namrata Soni demonstrated in her recent post pulled from the archives of one of the most stunning beauty look she portrayed on Sonam Kapoor. To inspire us all, the makeup maestro broke the look down into eight simple steps and showed us how she achieved this ethereal and mermaid-esque face. Take a look for yourself to ensure all eyes are on you this summer…

Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Namrata Soni, Sonam Kapoor Summer eye makeup look, Namrata Soni Makeup Artist, Appearances

Step #1: Prep and prime your skin with a gel based moisturiser and let it soak in for a good 10 minutes. 

Step #2: Then, proceed to apply a light eye cream massage and let it set in as well. 

Step #3: Start with a concealer that’s matches your skin and follow it up with your favourite foundation or bb cream and blend it all out.

Step #4: Now, apply a loose powder all over to set the face. This step will ensure your makeup doesn’t melt off.

Step #5: Use a nude eye shadow base all over the eyes and apply a light emerald green eyeshadow all over the eye lid and blend.

Step #6: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone with an iridescent pearl shadow. This helps opens up your eyes. 

Step #7: Apply some false lashes to give the look some depth.

Step #8: Complete the look with a nude pink lipstick.

Sonam Kapoor Summer eye makeup, M.A.C Dazzleshadow - Try Me On, Nykaa, Appearances


Image credit: @namratasoni

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