Shahid Kapoor In Polished Ethnics Is The HOTTEST Thing You’ll See Today

by Kiran Kaur

Shahid Kapoor in Tisa Studio achkan, London, MyFashgram


You know, the times when Shahid Kapoor did not give us the hots are probably rarer than the times a meteor crashed into Earth. So it never comes as a surprise to us to see the man making us go ‘oh wow’ or ‘hot damn’ with his spectacular style statement just about every time he steps out. And our reactions are even stronger when once in while, when the occasion demands, the man ditches his preferred athleisures and casuals (we are guessing from the countless times we’ve seen him working them) for something more classy and polished. Yesterday, just happened to be one of those days as Kapoor went ethnic for a wedding he’s attending in London with his wife, Mira Rajput. And the actor did not fail to slay us yet again.

Check it out…

What He Wore

Shahid stuck to his go-to stylist, Anisha Jain, for the do who picked out a crisp black achkan for him from Tisa Studio. His black achkan was teamed with a contrasting white churidar.

Shoes & Accessories

With his fab ethnic ensemble, Shahid stepped into a pair of glossy black formal shoes and accessorised it further with a black pocket square and a black leather watch. Of course, with the sunny skies, a pair of dark shades were a must too.

Shahid Kapoor in Tisa Studio achkan, London, MyFashgram


Yes, he’s looking nothing short of an eye candy and yes, a lot of it is to be credited to his well-assembled look. But what’s really doing the trick for us here are the man’s side-parted, gelled hair, his totally rad beard and upturned moustache, all of which are bringing a royal and regal vibe to Shahid‘s attire and also doubling up as our newest crush. Love this man AND this look which is the perfect start to our week.

Image Credit: Instagram, Anisha Jain

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