Sushant Singh Rajput Pulls Off That Risqué Jacket Like A Boss

by Jehana Antia

Sushant Singh Rajput in Andrea Pompilio and G-Star RAW at Arth Lounge, MyFashgram

Constantly upping the standards for men’s fashion in the country, Sushant Singh Rajput has right since his premier days been quite fashion-forward with his clothing choices. Other than his sparkling smile and impish looks, Sushant has always looked effortless in what he wears and how he wears it. Whether it is his all-white Vogue cover shoot avatar or his edgy looks during the promotions of Raabta, the actor has never disappointed with his style.

Spotted at Gauri Khan’s design initiative party at the Arth Lounge, Sushant yet again had on a ‘high street casual’ outfit and aced it. He even managed to pull off a jacket that might have been a dreadful disaster on another. Curious aren’t you? Take a look.

What He Wore

Styled by The Vainglorious team – Priyanka and kazim – and assissted by Shradha Pamnani Priyanka Chadha and Aditi Khanna, the Dhoni actor wore a grey pair of jeans (not everyone’s cup of tea) from G-Star RAW  and paired it with a white t-shirt. And that obviously being too simple for Sushant, the actor decided to go with an Andrea Pompilio black and blue leaf- printed jacket. Who else do you think could look as cool as Sushant does in this do-up? We’re thinking…no one!

Shoes & Accessories

With no arm bands and watch, the actor kept it simple. He teamed his look with a black glossy pair of leather shoes by Peter Non. The shoes helped add a more formal vibe to the casual look. Talk about acing the semi-formal look now! Sushant looks every bit the starlet he is with his style game on point (as usual).

Sushant Singh Rajput in Andrea Pompilio and G-Star RAW at Arth Lounge, MyFashgram

Hair & Makeup

Trusting Milan Thapa with his hair, Sushant went for a semi-gelled and slightly spiked one-sided get-up. Vicky Salvi who did Sushant’s makeup for the party kept him looking fresh and very au naturale. The understated yet very en vogue-ish look made Sushant look dashing yet very classy all at the same time.


Love. Love. Love. Sushant has only proven himself time and again to be climbing the fashion charts and we just can’t wait to see what he comes up next with. His semi-formal look at Arth Lounge might have been predominantly understated but dominantly dashing. The bold move with the jacket could have gone the wrong way but didn’t, ‘coz you know, it’s Sushant! Contemporary in every sense and extremely versatile, the actor has definitely grossed in our best-dressed charts.

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