We Bet No One Does Airport Style Quite Like Ranveer Singh

by MFG

Oh look! It’s Ranveer Singh out-Ranveer-ing himself, yet again! We are well familiarised with Ranveer’s unapologetically individual and unique style statements; something we absolutely and thoroughly love about him. So we weren’t surprised when we found ourselves obsessing over his very recent airport style which comprises of…

1. Black Hat

2. Black Tee

3. Black leather jacket

4. Black jeans

5. Black shoes

6. Black Shades

But dipping in black is not all there is to Mr Singh’s airport diaries, the man had another statement to make with his luggage of 11 suitcases… because “he likes to travel light.”

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer was in Budapest for the past few days shooting for his upcoming Aditya Chopra directorial, ‘Befikre.’ He recently shared the above pic on his Insta account from the Budapet airport saying, “I prefer to travel light. Viszlàt Budapest.”

The man cracks us up!

What do you think of Ranveer’s all-black airport attire? Let us know in the content section below!

Image Credit: Instagram, Ranveer Singh

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