5 Slick Picks For Men To Fashionably Tackle This Monsoon

by MFG

It’s that time of the year when your sartorial world goes for a toss and you are compelled to pick from the little that you have which would survive the wrath of the seasonal showers. This generally rules out all your recent summer sale season purchases because who can afford to get those dirty anyway? Some still have their tags on, most are whites and almost none are damp-resistant. We say, why compromise on the style quotient just because of the dowdy weather? 

We have carefully curated some monsoon essentials that should irrevocably form a part of your end-of-summer shopping list to ensure that you are on-point as soon as the first showers hit.

Keep it short

As the thumb rule goes-denims are a huge no-no for the rains. Keep it short and simple by picking the classic beige, navy or black shorts to ease the commute and save the mankind from soggy denims.


Splash some color

Now, while you keep your shorts solid and dark, breathe some life into this gloomy weather by going for prints and lighter shades while selecting your shirts and tees. This will break the monotony and fix the fashion.


The corporate tip

If you are the sturdy corporate goer, you sure don’t have enough room for the short tweak when it comes to office wear. At such times of despair, turn to the trench coats or parka jackets. These add instant sharpness to your suited attire. Pick from electrifying tones of steel blue and army green to safer colors like black, brown or grey.


Boot it up

The classic hunter boots are synonymous to monsoon. Style the long knee length ones with pants while go for the playful ankle boots when wearing shorts. Choose these as a substitute to crocs for a classier look.


Accessorizing and more

A watch being a man’s favorite accessory is not done away with even during downpour. Pick out some robust waterproof options and add a sleek checkered umbrella to complete the suave monsoon look.



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