Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Gives Her Take On Styling And Fashion Essentials

by Simi Kuriakose

Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Gives Her Take On Styling And Fashion Essentials


Fashion and films go hand-in-hand. One is always likely to see a celebrity dressed to the nines whether they’re on duty or are just about captured by the paps while taking a stroll in the garden, if not someplace else. But that’s also because their on-point appearances have more to do with a team that works day in and out to make them look like they are — stylish and ever stunning. In Bollywood, the one woman who has been responsible for making some of the choicest movie stars — the girl-next-door looking Alia Bhatt to fashion’s newest darling Athiya Shetty and the sartorial rule breaker Kangana Ranaut, amongst others — look exceptional, is Ami Patel. Her credentials are strong; she was former Fashion Director L’Officiel India and Creative Director Harpers Bazaar India, thus having apt knowledge of every aspect of fashion and styling. Solely responsible for transforming the looks of Alia Bhatt and Athiya Shetty, Ami efficiently managed to get them on top of their style game.

Her approach to styling is impressive, and I love how she manages to retain the individuality of every celebrity she works with as she makes them look stunning. In a chat with the busy stylist, she describes the business of styling, her personal style, and other things. Excerpts… 


Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Gives Us Her Take On Styling & Fashion Essentials


1. The life of a stylist — Give us an insight into it.

It is extremely hectic. 

2. Two items that one must have in their closet RIGHT NOW?

The must-haves one ought to have in their wardrobe right now are a handloom sari and a long jacket.


Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Styling Athiya Shetty_MFG


3. The one thing you would never ever buy or recommend buying as a fashionista? 

I’d never recommend anyone to buy flip flops.

4. Top 3 trends for the season that everyone should hop on right now?

The first one will be tone-on-tone. Then there’s the colour white that everyone should try right now. And a trend in outfits would be mom jeans. 


Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Styling Alia Bhatt2_MFG


5. What’s your dream collaboration when it comes to styling?

I am living my dream. 


Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Styling Kangana Ranaut_MFG


6. Name two of your go-to designers when it comes to styling celebrities.

When it comes to celebrity styling, it’s got to be Manish Malhotra and Gauri & Nainika. 

7. One style icon whose sartorial sensibility you think is on-point?

Kendall Jenner.

8. Since you style celebrities in particular, are there any looks in particular that photograph best?

I think it’s all about the way an outfit is worn. And all the celebrities I’ve styled wear their looks amazingly well.


Celebrity Stylist Ami Patel Styling Alia Bhatt_MFG



9. Your favourite part of being a stylist?


10. Can you give us one styling trick that is a no-fail?

It’s got to be spanx.

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