Two Flattering Date Night Outfits Perfect To Try This Weekend

by Simi Kuriakose

Two Flattering Date Night Outfits Perfect To Try This Weekend
Before you think that Valentine’s Day is long gone and get irked by the hearts and the word ‘date’ on this post, let’s just get one thing straight — when in love every night should be date night. But well, because that’s far from being a possibility thanks to most of our ‘work-pay bills-work more’ schedules, it is important that you take time out to go on dates with your other half at least on weekends. And the one dilemma that follows when you are asked out on a date is ‘What The Hell Do I Wear?’ Yes! That’s the universal problem with women. No matter how many stunning outfits we have in our wardrobe, we’re never too sure what to wear on special occasions. 

Now obviously, the rule one for date night dressing is not to go overboard. Try keeping it simple yet attractive enough to catch his attention. You know, a girl’s got to look her best. So if you’re one of those who’s already scheduling her weekend dates for a lovely candlelight dinner if not a movie night, here are some flattering ensembles you can try on.

1. Gingham Separates

The pretty girl print, gingham, is one that’s perfect when on a date night. Try this crop top and frilled midi skirt in the print for a vintage feel and team it up with a pair of embellished slippers in pink (for that pop of colour). Don’t forget the bag, and accessorise with a set of mid rings. If you’re looking to cover up because of low temperature, layer with a satin bomber jacket. 

Gingham Separates_Two Flattering Date Night Outfits Perfect To Try This Weekend

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2. A Self-Tie Shift Dress

Feeling like working a coloured number on your date night? Try a coral-hued shift dress with a self-tie detail. Go tan when it comes to the shoes and the clutch and accessorise with a watch and a pair of hoop earrings. Trust me, he’ll sure take notice of how simple yet stunning you are.

Dress_Two Flattering Date Night Outfits Perfect To Try This Weekend

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