Edgy Haircuts That Are Trending This Season And Perfect To Beat The Rains

by MFG

1. The Buzz Cut

If you see more shaven head women walking down the street don’t be surprised this trend is a huge rage, you can shave just one side of your and leave the other end long or shave the entire thing right off. Will you be able to embrace this daring trend?


2. The micro fringe

The chic fringe is so 2015, it is the era of the micro fringe; the cut goes shorter and closer to hairline. These baby bangs are perfect for tropical heat as they stay out of the face and don’t give you forehead zits.


3. The chop- unruly bangs and chopped hair

Unruly bangs and bob cut are a major trend right now, the shorter and messier the better it is all about pretty messy unruly I woke up like this hair.


4. Undercut Tattoo

Make a statement as you pull your hair up into a pony tail with cool funky designs on the bottom part of your scalp! This just perfect way to make heads turn.


5. The tough Braids

Pioneered by the Kardashian’s this fierce trend is perfect for beach day or if your hair tends to get frizzy during monsoons and summers.


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