Fashioneiress: The Style Blogger We’re Currently Obsessing Over

by Jharna Pariani

Fashioneiress: The Style Blogger We’re Currently Obsessing Over, Appearances

In case you aren’t already one of her loyal followers, we’d like to introduce you to the Fashioneiress, otherwise known as Sonam Babani. Enviable doesn’t even begin to describe her life as a style blogger — who wouldn’t love a closet full of dream-worthy designer clothing and the chance to travel the world? But if there’s anything we’ve learned from talking to her, it’s that blogger success doesn’t happen overnight. Luckily, Sonam sat down with Appearances for an exclusive interview and talked about her top tips on styling yourself up for success, dressing well and shared delicious deets on all the global trend-spotting she’s done in the past few weeks.

Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Style Blogger, Appearances

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I get my style inspiration from things I see every single day — it could be a dish at a restaurant that’s been plated really well, it could just be the colours on the street or architecture but mostly my inspiration comes from my frequent travels, as you get to see the newest trends globally.

What are your top trends for the summer and why?

One of my top picks would definitely be the peek-a-boo trend — like when you wear something see-through with lingerie peeking through from underneath, so fabrics like macramé, lace, net and tulle. Obviously, you can’t do summer without some big floppy hats. Some dramatic feathery plume details and if I had to include a colour as a trend, it would be violet — not only is it the colour of the year but its extremely decadent. Summer is all about showing some skin, wearing lighter fabrics and just making a maximum statement with minimum appeal.

Summer trend Feathers, Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Appearances

Summer trend Net, Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Appearances

What’s the one lazy girl styling trick that you swear by?

Wearing all white! A flowy white maxi makes for the perfect blank canvas to accessorise over with matching slippers and bag.

We couldn’t help but notice your recent trip to Milan for fashion week. Please share a little about your trip and the fashion vibe in Milan….

It was an experience of a lifetime, I’ve grown up watching these shows, so to be there in person was a dream come true to see some of my favourite fashion icons like Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes in the flesh sitting across me at the shows was an absolute dream. The vibe at Milan was great, everyone was dressed up and decked out from head-to-toe — its less sneakers more heels, otherwise in London and New York, you’ll still see people turn up in fashion sneakers but in Milan you’d see them in sky-scraping heels, colourful long jackets, socks and stilettos was another thing I noticed was huge there. The Fendi and Moschino shows were by far the most memorable ones I attended.

Backstage at Milan Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid, Milan Fashion Week, Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Appearances
Gigi Hadid backstage at Milan Fashion Week

Show invite, Emporio Armani, Milan Fashion Week, Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Appearances

How did you style yourself up while attending the shows?

I swore by my vintage Fendi, mixing up my pearls and feathers. I wore a lot of layers, two of favourite looks were jackets by Nachiket Barve — it just went so well with the vibe there along with some nice accessories and hats.


Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Style Blogger, Appearances

What was it like backstage at Milan Fashion Week?

While I got invited to see a ton of shows myself, I was associated with M.A.C backstage at Milan Fashion Week. Being a household name for makeup, M.A.C cosmetics aren’t just known for how great their product range is but also how vast their range is. Its all about artistry at M.A.C and they created some really beautiful looks backstage — at Moschino they literally painted the models in candy-coloured hues like purples to pinks and even yellows, it was just stunning.

Super Sonic @sonicsmakeup created the @marcodevincenzo look on me backstage at the show & man was the look all eyes! Literally, @maccosmetics @terrybarberonbeauty who keyed the show said he was primarily inspired by Margo Tannenbaum & took a few references from Kate Moss’s grunge phase & goes on to speak about about how one does their eyes can reflect their attitude & personality – Swipe right to hear him talk about it! The AW18 @marcodevincenzo Girl season channels a tough & individualistic woman – a force to be reckoned with! The @maccosmetics kohl pencil as well as a liquid liner had to be used to achieve the intense deep black look! @milanfashionweek #FashioneiressTakeMilanFashionWeek #MACBackstage #MacAmbassador #BeautyWithFashioneiress

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Who are your top three designers to wear for the summer?

Dolce & Gabbana, Vivetta and Fendi. When it comes to Indian designers, I love Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, Nachiket Barve and Shriya Som.

What are some of your go-to beauty brands?

M.A.C, Bobbi Brown and Benefit Cosmetics for makeup and Estée Lauder and Clinique for skincare.

Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Style Blogger, Appearances

Fashioneiress, Sonam Babani, Style Blogger, Appearances

Could you define your personal style in a nutshell?

My sense of style is very eclectic, its ever-evolving as I’m always picking up bit and pieces of things I see and love — I enjoy the process of putting it all together. I don’t usually stick to a particular style and I’m always inspired by things I see while I travel and love vintage outfits.

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