How To Rock The Pastels Trend.

by MFG

From Icy blue, Mint, Cotton Candy and baby blue this spring summer the pastel pallets ruled the runway so here are some of the ways in which  ruled the runway so here are ways you can wear the pastel trend

1. Pale pinks make you look tann

If you have more of a pale complexion uses these colors to make you look tann and make your skin pop and glow. Plus Unlike the Neon trend pastels look great on Indian Complexion!

2. Pastel Monochrome

Pastels unlike pop colors can be worn from head to toe , pastels monochrome look is elegant and polished , Plus you don’t need worry about your cords Matching.

3. Just one piece

If you’re a pastel new bee wear one piece start slowly until you feel comfortable. If you’re bottom heavy skip wearing this trends as pants and trousers and stick to tops or blouses.

4. Pastel Makeup

As Bizarre as this sounds, the no make up make up look is trending and seen all over the beauty scene so pastel and cool hues in eyeliners and Baby pink eye shadows are the way to go. Those electric blue eyeliner days are long gone!

5. Pastels Nail polish

Pastel Nail polish is the most subtle and classy way to sport this trend, neon or darker color nail polish is a faux pa this summer.

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