India Couture Week: Anita Dongre Brings Back Tulle And More With Opulence!

by Jehana Antia

India Couture Week 2017, Anita Dongre, MyFashgram

Not only has Anita Dongre created probably the biggest fashion empire with a portfolio of brands under her name but is also one known for her keen sensibilities in craftsmanship and design. Consistently portraying the opulence of India through her designs, Anita tells a story ever so beautifully through her creations and showcasing her expertise through contemporary design is something Anita has always been known for. Not only is she fiercely modern but also consciously traditional and that’s one of many things we absolutely love about the woman. For the 10th edition of FDCI’s India Couture Week, Anita yet again has exhibited magic on the ramp and we’re blown away, as usual.

Like many times in the past, this time too Anita has drawn inspiration from Rajasthan and narrates a story of ‘The Tree of Love’. Paying homage to the Bishnoi tribe from Thar in Rajasthan, Anita’s collection boasts of grandeur and finery. Anita has kept her designs cool and comfortable for the modern bride as also at the same time, conformed to her expertise in the crafts.


Bringing back several lost trends and infusing modern fads with traditional design, Anita has truly outdone herself. The designer has also introduced several motifs inspired by the community she’s drawn inspiration from to create her pieces. Breaking norms once again, the collection was one to behold.

From beautiful SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) embroidered tabards to tea-length dresses, long-sleeved kurtas and jacketed lehengas, the collection had it all. And while you maybe of the opinion that the tulle skirt can only be worn on date-night, let Anita prove your wrong. Bringing back tulle in a big way, Anita showcased several embellished kurtis worn over tulle bottoms. Anita also introduced lehengas with pockets, a fashion statement just waiting to happen. Obi belts on lehengas were paraded down the ramp too, who knew right? One key tree-like motif inspired by ‘Khejri’ (a super species of trees) was seen throughout the collection. And then, of course, there were trademark Anita Dongre gottapatti lehengas which shone with the intricacy of craftsmanship and the details. The colour palette ranged from emerald greens to dark maroons and inky blacks. There was also a few blue additions to this collection. Modern jewellery pieces infused with traditional un-cut diamonds were used to jewel the looks that took the ramp.

India Couture Week 2017, Anita Dongre, MyFashgram

The men’s wear was as elaborate as the women’s. Over straight bottoms, bandhgala kurtas and dupattas were seen on the ramp. Velvet was a favourite used even with the men and the Khejri motif shone on several men’s pieces too. Silk shawls with fine borders, for us, were quite the winners.

India Couture Week 2017, Anita Dongre, MyFashgram


Now that you’ve seen what the collection was like, we bet you understand how trying it can be to pick favourites. However, we’ve risen to the occasion and for the women’s we’ve picked the collared printed kurti over the tulle skirt and for the men we’ve picked the royal blue bandhgala ensemble…

India Couture Week 2017, Anita Dongre, MyFashgram

Image Credit: Viral Bhayani

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