LFW 2017: Fahd Khatri On His Upcoming Multipurpose Collection

by Kiran Kaur

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017, Fahd Khatri Interview, MyFashgram


Gone are the days when comfort and functionality took a backseat in the fashion space. With flexibility and pragmatism overpowering all else in current times, the need of the hour is a clothing line that can keep up with the hectic life schedules and accommodate various needs. Well, as impossible as it may sound, designer Fahd Khatri seems to have come up with a clever solution… a shape-shifting, multipurpose collection! The designer who won us over with his block prints and unusual silhouettes is all set to present his upcoming, convertible collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017 on February 4.

In an exclusive chat with MyFashgram, the designer went on to reveal about his collection, his design inspiration, trends, techniques and a lot more. Excerpts…

What’s your design inspiration or theme for this collection?

My design inspiration for this collection is cars from the 1930s, you know those convertible ones where you could pull up or pull off the roof as per your requirement. So the outfits are also all convertible, something you can shift and modify into something else, something new, depending on your mood and fondness. You know, people like to have flexibility and options and this collection will give them all that. So the collection is flexible and functional. The theme of the collection, however, revolves around the Sahara Desert. So you’ll see a lot of orange, a lot of green.

What different from your usual style can we expect from this collection?

Well, the last collection was all about the block prints and geometric silhouettes, but this season I’ve made do with them altogether. This season is all about convertible shapes. Embroideries have replaced prints, flowy drapes have replaced angular cuts and the colour palette sees a major shift too.

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017, Fahd Khatri Interview, MyFashgram

Apart from orange and green, what does your colour palette look like?

There’s orange, there are about 3-4 shades of green (a light pistachio green that I really like) and there’s ample yellow.

What textiles and techniques dominate this collection?

We’ve used all organic cotton created on power loom and handloom and the technique used is an ancient one called lapet. The technique was originally used in Arabic scarfs or ‘rumal’ as they called it.

Can you tell us what the price point is like?

Well, the collection falls between the range of Rs. 6500 to Rs. 18000, pretty much like my previous collection.

Three Spring/summer trends to look out for in your collection?

Drapes, light fabrics and summery colours!

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017, Fahd Khatri Interview, MyFashgram

From wearable to lady gaga – how would you rate your collection, 10 being the most wearable?

None of my pieces will be restricted to the runway, each and evert outfit is wearable. So, I’d say my collection is a 10.

Which one is your favourite piece from the collection?

So there are these harems that can work as a tunic or a dress, like I said convertible clothing. I really looking forward to seeing that on the runway.

One person either a celeb or fashion personality who could pull off every look from your collection?

Well, I’d like them all to don it, but if I really had to pick one, it would have to be Sonam Kapoor. Because I quite admire her experimental and liberal approach to fashion. Also, she has this amazing knack of converting everything into a style statement. So I think, she could pull off every piece from this collection.

#MyFashFocus: The one trend that you think will rule the fashion scene

I don’t think anyone trend or any one style ever rules the fashion scene. People are more liberal now, with their approach to clothing, so there’s ample scope for multiple designs and trends to work in absolute harmony.


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