Styling Yourself According To Your Zodiac Signs – Cancerians Are You Ready?

by Shalini Mohanty

Styling Zodiac Signs - Cancer

Ever had styling tips dished out to you, based on your zodiac? Well then, Fashioscope is our latest fun segment at Appearances which gets you styling tips and advice according to your zodiac sign! And since right now we are celebrating Cancer women all around the world, let’s see your style file at Appearances!

Cancer fashion embody the shades that cascade over the surface of the Moon – muted, soothing colours like silver, grey and cream, that work splendidly for them.

That’s right Sun-sign-style-watchers, Cancer women can naturally flaunt white!

Colour psychology makes white the symbol of purity, innocence and wholeness. Both the colour white and the zodiac sign Cancer, with their caring nature, alleviate stress and emotional upsets in your life. Is it any wonder that doctors and nurses opt for this colour?

#DesignerPick – Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini RTW 2017

Feminine and dramatic, the entire collection was made to make the female form seem beautiful, delicate, fluid and eternal! With ruffles, plunging necklines, and wispy trails, it totally translates to Cancer Fashion!

Styling Zodiac Signs - Cancer, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini RTW 2017

Your Fashion Instinct.

Cancer women have a knack of making even a simple tee-shirt look chic and beautiful, and on those famous people it can even stand as their signature colour. True, it can be a tricky colour to pull off but even on the palest of skins Cancer girls look completely sublime!

Cancer rules the chest and feminine areas like the womb and soft stomach, therefore an outfit that enhances these areas should be your first option. Cancerian women may love to wear clothes that flatter and show off their chest area, so you could work a plunging neckline, sweetheart neckline, or even something well-fitting on the torso, but be warned and don’t go too far…

Styling Zodiac Signs - Cancer, Streetstyle

Famous Cancer Fashionistas.

Selena Gomez. Lana Del Rey. Katrina Kaif.

Angelina Jolie. Lana Del Rey. Sonam Kapoor.


Styling Zodiac Signs, Zara

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