The 10 Basic Manicures And Nail Shapes You Must Know About

by MFG

Hands scream hygiene and the one that screams the loudest it nails. Chipped nails, chipped nail polish; untidy, dirty nails are a clear example of bad hygiene and sluggish behaviour! So, here are some new and innovative ways in which you can experiment with your nail shape and style! 

1. Basic round nails (rounded nails)

This one is good for starts or those who love to stick to the classic and basics.


2. Square nails

Square nails are perfect for medium length nails and look very elegant


3. French nails

French nails look sheer classy and are perfect choice for acrylic extensions as these go with everything for every occasion!



 5. Stilettoes nails

This one is for the diva, they are very hard to maintain but look super-hot!


 6. Almond nails

This is the perfect choice for the boss chic who wants to stand out but doesn’t have the time to maintain something as hard as the stiletto


 8. Squarely rounded (squoval)

It’s a square with rounded edges to smoother the sharpness out, so you don’t end up scratching and leaving marks!


 9. Oval Nails

Oval nails are similar to almond yet broader and are perfect for short to medium length of nails  


10. Trimmed Nails

The short clean trimmed and filed nails, these go well with dark nail polishes and look neat and are extremely hassle free


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