4 Mistakes Men Should Avoid Making With Their Hair Products

by MFG

All it takes is one visit to your hairstylist to know that whatever you think you’re doing right for your hair is not really apt for you. While naturally, we don’t tend to adhere to the complex load of treatments or routines that are thrown at us every now and then, there are certain obvious mistakes that all men casually repeat without measuring the long-term impact on their hair.

Ignoring Hair Thinning

This is a super common problem all men face and no; it is not to be taken as a sign of aging. So do not shy away and accept the status quo, it is only then you can pick the right path to deal with it. Hair thinning is caused due to excessive use of styling products. Switch from heavy hair wax and creams to natural sea salt based alternatives. Also, going for a short crisp haircut will help to camouflage the thinning briefly.

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Faulty Application

All men tend to apply hair products in haste and are often left unaware of the damage that causes to the hair in the long run. Application of all kinds of hair products should ideally begin from the roots to the tip starting from the crown to all the way forward. Minimal product applied correctly lasts longer and produces the desired styling.

Not Using Water-Soluble Products

Petroleum products though stronger, are greasy and do not come off easily on washing, causing damage. Go for water-soluble alternatives that offer the same strong hold and gloss effect without harming the hair quality.



Not Using Hair Products In Multiple Ways

Your hair paste can be used not only as a finishing product but also as a pre-styler before blow drying or straightening. Similarly, beard oil can be used on dry hair too. Try these hacks, as your hair products, can be your most versatile buddies.

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