5 Absolutely Wearable Trends From London Fashion Week Men’s

by Jehana Antia

London Fashion Week Men, MyFashgram

Celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary this bygone week was the London Fashion Week Men’s that took place from the 9th to the 12th of June and what a tight schedule it was! While huge players in the fashion industry like Burberry and others such, may have taken a miss at it, the fashion week saw several upcoming designers and creatives in full swing. Held in the nation’s capital, the fashion week’s 5th year or 10th season like the fashion-forwards would like to call it, was definitely one to keep a keen eye on considering was it was setting the bar for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection for the other men’s upcoming fashion shows and weeks until then.

We, at MFG kept a close eye on the happening of the show and must we say that the 5 days looked like quite an exhilarating ride. From designers like Wales Bonner to Vivienne Westwood, all the creative engineers brought out quite a show and we’ve got it all in one place for you to glance at.

Fashion weeks are known for their ultra-glam looks and most of the times they turn out to be quite difficult for the regular fashion-follower to emulate, however, it wasn’t quite the same case this year. The London Fashion Week Men’s SS 18 collection churned out quite a few trends we see picking up in the coming mode year and what’s more? They are easy to put into practice and totally wearable too!

First up is the colour wee see being the IT hue for the coming season, burnt orange. The muted tine was seen in several collections of designers like Martine Rose and Christopher Raeburn

London Fashion Week Men's, Burnt Orange, MyFashgram

Wide -legged pants aren’t only for women, men can sport the baggy trend too! How you ask? Let creative minds like Bobby Abley and Casely-Hayford show you how it’s done.

London Fashion Week Men's, Baggy Pants, MyFashgram

No going two-ways with colour now, it’s just that one and you’re sorted! Monotone is the new minimal.

London Fashion Week Men's, Monotone, MyFashgram

Slogan tees, a thing of the past? Let designers, John Laurence Sullivan and Charles Jefferey Loverboy prove you wrong.

London Fashion Week Men's, Slogan t-shirts, MyFashgram

Lastly and definitely not the least is one you can thank us later for boys! Trainers and the new sneakers. Comfort is key even with the fashion-forwards, who knew?

Other than these 5 very wearable trends we saw picking up at the fashion week, we won’t deny that there were a few…well, we won’t call them ‘designs’ but instead creatives that didn’t sit very right. From Charles Jefferey Loverboy to the looks by Art School, there were a few rather overly creative designers that may have gone a tad bit too far. Shocking ain’t it, we thought so too.

London Fashion Week Men's, Crazy trends, MyFashgram

So, which one of the 5 are you going to test the waters with? Suggestion? The baggy pants look like they’re here to stay. Experiment away!

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